Cleaning Projects That Protect Your Home’s Long-Term Value

Home maintenance cleaning tasks to do.

Every homeowner wants to protect his or her property’s value. While home improvement projects and renovations will certainly improve the value, there’s nothing quite like cleaning that will keep your home in good condition. Fortunately, these cleaning tasks help to retain your home’s value and are incredibly affordable. Here’s how to get started.

Wash the windows inside and out. Make the glass shine so that your property feels lighter and bigger. While you’re cleaning the glass, you’re also able to spot any cracks, chips, and winter damage to the glass and frame. Windows are expensive, so taking care of them is a great way to protect their value and your home’s curb appeal.

Check gutters and roof. While you’re cleaning the exterior of your windows, check the state of your gutters and roof. Any winter damage can be quickly repaired, preventing leaks and causing costly repairs.

Clean and freshen the front entry. Your front door and entryway is the first thing that people see. An overall sweep, a thorough hosing, and a quick polish to lights and décor can make a huge difference in curb appeal.

Wipe the fans. Ceiling fans are places where you wouldn’t think to dust, but they should be one of the first things you start with when you spring clean. Dust can pile up on the top blades of a fan and solidify. Be sure to wipe down the blades often with a mild detergent.

Clean the carpets. Whether you use a professional or a DIY machine, cleaning the dirt and dust out of your carpets at least once a year will make them look newer for longer. Your whole home will smell cleaner, too!

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