How to Make Your Next Home Sale Over the Holidays

How to get properties moving during winter.

Traditionally, homeowners avoid selling their home during the winter months. It’s cold, it’s dark, and the holidays are already stressful and eventful. However, those homeowners that do choose to sell their homes over these months could be in for a treat. The lack of inventory means that there are more potential buyers for any single home, and there may even be a bidding war.

For real estate agents, the thought of selling a home during the winter and in the middle of the holiday season can appear incredibly daunting. For tips on how to get your listings ready to sell over the holidays, read on.

Appeal to Emotions

Individuals, couples, and families often want to be settled in a property before the holidays, so it’s a good idea to encourage a quick and easy sale to land them in their dream home before Santa arrives. If potential buyers walk into a property in the depths of winter and they still love it, imagine how much they’ll like it in the summer! Arrange viewings in the daylight, if possible, so that homebuyers can enjoy the true experience of the property.

Appeal to Senses

Make the property warm and inviting, and make sure the lights are turned on for viewings. Talk to the current homeowner about limiting the holiday decorations, sticking to neutral and simple décor. Anything with a lot of lights and tinsel is going to distract the viewer. Cinnamon or pumpkin-spiced candles can help to create a cozy atmosphere that cannot be underestimated.

Make Sure It Can Be Seen

Making the house look and feel good is important, but you may not get anyone in the door if you don’t list the property online. The internet has no seasons, meaning that many people do their house hunting online before stepping foot into a property. Winter can be a tricky period for photography, since the low sun can cast dark shadows and gloomy days can make the property look tired. Make sure you capture the home in all of its glory before publishing pictures online. Use high-quality photos and list the property to your social media accounts, website, and newsletters.

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