Questions to Ask Before You Move

What to Know About Your New Property

If you’ve just bought a new home, you’ll know that there is so much to think about! From arranging a removal van to packing to switching utility providers, it’s likely that you’ll have your hands full. Indeed, there is so much to consider that we’ve written a few questions that you should know in advance of your move-in date.

Where are the utility switches?

In case of emergency, know where the utility shut-off switches are. Once you’ve located them, label them, and ensure that each member of the family knows how to turn them off.

Have the previous owners got any spare tins of paint?

Eventually, you’ll need to repaint the walls in your new home. But what shade of beige is the living room? If you’re able to find out what paint and which color the previous owners used, this will help immensely. The previous owner may even have a couple of cans of paint left over, so ask them if they can leave this behind rather than throwing it out.

Will existing items be left behind?

It helps to understand exactly what you are expecting to inherit so that you can plan ahead and buy some useful items prior to the day you move in.

Will there be instruction manuals left behind for any electrical goods?

You should know which electrical goods are going to be staying in the property. You can find almost any instruction manual by doing an internet search, but having these paper copies handy will save you time when trying to figure out how the oven works on your first night in the house!

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