Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Prospect During the Holidays

Get to work during the holidays for a successful new year!

As the end of the year approaches, many businesses and real estate agents are winding down for a little R and R. While many take it easy and cut back on their workload, doing so could mean you miss out on some great opportunities. Take a look at these reasons why real estate agents should prospect during the holidays!

1) Low competition but high motivation.

You can count on the fact that many real estate agents will be taking an extended break. While this may sound ideal, getting to work means that you are up against less competition. During the holidays, sellers and buyers are highly motivated. If you meet with buyers willing to talk, tell them why they should take advantage of selling their property now, rather than over spring.

2) For a steady New Year.

If you’ve taken the holidays off, come January you could be a little rusty and without many prospects. Putting the work in now means that you can start off the New Year full of appointments. While other agents are emerging from holiday hibernation, you could be looking at a full book of business.

3) Shows dedication.

When it’s deep in the season of the holidays and you are reaching out to clients, they will see that you are dedicated and hardworking. In turn, this could result in a stellar review and referral that makes you shine as an agent.

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