3 Spring Landscaping Tips

Transform your garden for springtime.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply improve your property, you may not realize just how large of an impact the garden makes. If your lawn is looking lackluster after the winter, it could be time to revamp it for spring. Check out a few of our spring landscaping tips to help your home and garden look its very best.

Create a colorful atmosphere. When you think of spring, it’s likely that colors pop into your mind, from greens to yellows to pinks to blues. Spring is finally when we start to see some vibrant colors after the long winter! Whether you prefer colorful flowers or something more subtle like pastel plant pots, be sure to incorporate a pop of color into your garden.

Brighten your surroundings. Spring is the time when the evenings get lighter and we can enjoy more time outdoors. Why not set up string lights to help brighten your space? Your guests will be impressed and feel right at home with your inviting outdoor area, lit up to perfection. Choose whether you want to add torches, lights, and other fun light sources.

Tend to your lawn. After the cold weather of winter, it’s likely that your lawn will be looking a little sad. Now is a great time to trim it, water it, prune any dead branches from trees and shrubs and fertilize the lawn. Some TLC now can reap plenty of benefits once the warmer weather creeps in.

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