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How to Ask for Client Referrals

Easy ways to ask for referrals to improve your real estate business.

As a realtor, it’s common to feel like you’re bothering clients when asking them for a referral. It’s a service that benefits you rather than them, and many business owners leave this important step out of their marketing strategy. However, if clients are happy with your service, sparing a couple of minutes is not a big ask. Plus, it hugely benefits your business. To help you ask for referrals with ease, read on.

Think differently about referrals. Stop telling yourself that you’re asking for referrals. Instead, think of it as progressing your business and caring about clients. In fact, you could be saving your clients’ friends thousands of dollars. Changing your mindset towards referrals will help you to ask for them!

Establish a referral reward program. Create an easy-to-follow procedure on how clients benefit from referring your business. If your clients know exactly what to expect when they refer someone, they are more likely to do it.

Add a recommend-a-friend section on your site. This strategy continues to be effective time and time again. Have a page or box somewhere on your website that allows people to send an email to a friend recommending your agency.

Ask in your email signature. Your email signature is a block of text that automatically shows up at the bottom of your emails. Most people’s signatures display their name, contact information, and maybe a link to their website. This place is a great opportunity to request a referral, because it’s not a direct email asking a client, but it does allow the reader to quickly forward on your contact information to friends and family.

Hand out two business cards. When you hand out your cards, give everyone two and ask them to hand out the second one. Mention that the second card is for a friend or family member.

Thank referrers on your social media sites. When you receive customer referrals, go to your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and thank the people who have provided referrals out in the open for everyone to see. Not only does this show the referrer how much you appreciate their gesture, which should get you more referrals from them, but it shows everyone else how you appreciate referrals, encouraging others to leave you one!

These tips can help you stand out as a real estate agent. At Dean Rathbun, we know how to make referrals work for you. Learn more about how we can help your growing business.