Tips and Tricks For Promoting an Open House Online

Steps to improve your online advertising efforts of open houses.

As a real estate agent, you know that attracting interest and foot traffic for an open house can make or break a sale. A successful sales transaction is dependent on whether you’re able to drum up enough interest to warrant an offer (or two). Sure, you can go old school and put out the front yard sign and hand out flyers, but you may benefit from advertising the open house online. Take a look at these useful tips to promote your open house event online.

Get Emailing

Although personalized invitations are better, if you’re pinched for time, sending emails is your best course of action. You want to set an attractive subject line so that users click on the email rather than sending it straight to their trash. Make it seem like an important event, list the necessary details, and include photos of the house!

Turn to Social Media

More often than not, boring posts will be scrolled right past on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You want to make your post is appealing enough for users to stop and read the information. A great way to do this is to post a photo collage of the home and add relevant tags. Once your post is set, put it on your social media accounts and on pages available in the community.

Make a Video Montage

Imagery is key, as people are more likely to look at photos than read text. Use this to your advantage by making a video montage of the property, including stunning features and views that will catch someone’s eye. You can then turn this into an invitation! Make it fun and interesting, since you’re not only enticing people to visit the open house, but you’re promoting yourself as an agent.

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