3 Ways to Research a Property Online

Find out about properties before you purchase.

These days, nearly every home search starts online. Sorting through listings, photos, floor plans, and descriptions is a great way to suss out the market for those who are just starting to house hunt. When you find a home you love and are ready to bid on it, it’s wise to find out as much information as you can about the property before you place your bid. Fortunately, there are a few ways to find out more about your chosen property!

Check Building Records

Nearly all public information and documentation is now available online, so you can check the building’s permit history. The law requires most sellers to disclose previous work done on the property. However, there may be a history of earlier work that the seller didn’t know about. For example, if there is a newer kitchen but no history of a permit for a work, there may be a chance that someone did the work without a permit. This could be an issue, especially if they violated health or safety codes.

View It On Google Street

Simply type in the address to Google Maps and click on the street view. Street view provides a snapshot of a property at a particular moment in time, which can provide insight into the recent history of the property or neighborhood. Keep in mind that the image that pops up may not accurately reflect the home’s current state. You may spot something that raises questions about the neighborhood safety or the structure of the home. For example, if there were bars on the windows previously, then you may question why there are no bars on the windows now.

Download a Neighborhood Crime App

A variety of crime reporting apps for mobile devices show recent crimes that have been reported on a map, including assault, theft, robbery, homicide, vehicle theft, sex offenders, and quality of life (which often means noise complaints). This is an easy way to get an overview of how easy and safe the neighborhood is to live in.

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