What Should a Seller Fix?

Prepare your seller to repair these important items.

Homeowners often overlook a lot of the wear and tear that happens to the property over the years. But, when they are starting to think about selling the property, the state of the home becomes much clearer. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to get the most money out of your property or a real estate agent who is working with a new seller, take a look at these common issues that need to be repaired when selling a property.

  • Paint

Paint is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to update the look of a property before listing it. Lighter and neutral colors are preferred when selling because they tend to appeal to most people. Not every room needs to be painted, but a touch up on the important rooms and exterior won’t go amiss.

  • Lighting

Lighting can make even the smallest home seem open and inviting. To maximize the perception of space, take advantage of bright and well-placed lights. If there are ‘dated’ light fixtures, this is another area to address. Updating the lighting fixtures can translate into a quicker sale.

  • Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it pays to give it extra attention. A large kitchen renovation isn’t’ required, but updating the lighting fixtures, paintwork, and countertops can help to appeal to more home buyers. 

Have more questions about home improvements? Buying and selling a home is no small feat, so it pays to have a trusted, experienced professional on your side! Contact Dean Rathbun when it comes time to finding the perfect plan of action to buy your home. We are happy to help you.